UNESCO-IOC Call for Decade Actions

Secretary office 2020.10.27

United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021–2030) – Call for Decade Actions

This circular letter is to inform you about the ‘Call for Decade Actions’ (No. 01/2020) that opened on 15 October 2020 as part of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (‘the Decade’). Whilst the Decade Implementation Plan Version 2.0 is under review by the UN General Assembly in October–December 2020, it is important to signal to the international community that the Decade is encouraging the preparation and submission of large scale transformative actions in preparation for the start of the Decade in January 2021. Decisions on endorsement under this Call will be made in early 2021, once the Decade governance arrangements are in place. This Call is a first of a series Decade Actions that will be rolled out over the next ten years. Via this Call, Member States and other partners are invited to request endorsement under the Ocean Decade for transformative Decade Actions that contribute to the Decade vision.

This Call focuses specifically on: (i) large-scale, multi-country, transformative Decade programmes; and (ii) large-scale contributions of in-kind or financial resources for Decade Actions or coordination costs. Programmes or contributions that will enhance the sustainability of ocean science, including infrastructure or individual or institutional capacity, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic are welcome in response to this call. Actions in any part of the world are welcome, and there is no limitation on who can submit a request for endorsement.

Proponents of endorsed Decade Actions will have the opportunity to join a highly visible, shared, global effort that builds on decades of achievement in ocean science. There will be opportunities to create new collaborations across disciplines, geographies and generations, as well as opportunities to access new sources of support via the Ocean Decade Alliance or other Decade related resource mobilisation mechanisms.

A Guidance Note for Applicants and a document entitled ‘Frequently Asked Questions on the Call for Decade Actions’ provide more information on the Call and can be consulted on the Ocean Decade website along with Version 2.0 of the Implementation Plan. Two virtual sessions are planned to provide additional information on the Call for Decade Actions on the 20 October 2020 and the 6 November 2020. Details of the sessions will be posted on the Ocean Decade website and social media channels.

During the preparation of submissions to the Call, we strongly encourage Member States and interested parties to consult and, where possible, collaborate with other institutions and partners working on common issues. Consultation and co-design in the course of preparing proposals for Actions is the main factor of success. The IOC Secretariat stands ready to help such consultations and provide necessary guidance.

Member States are warmly encouraged to take one or more of the following actions in relation to the Call for Decade Actions:

(i) Develop and submit potential Decade Actions for endorsement via the relevant online ‘Request for Endorsement’ form that should be completed before 15 January 2021. Actions that include in-kind or financial contributions to central coordination costs (e.g. support to the Decade Coordination Unit) or decentralized coordination costs (e.g. hosting of a Decade Coordination Office or Decade Collaborative Centre) are particularly encouraged from Member States.

(ii) Establish mechanisms, such as National Decade Committees, and organize workshops, to convene national stakeholders to discuss and co-design potential Decade Actions for submission to the Call.

(iii) Actively engage in regional initiatives that are underway to design regional priorities for the Decade in the Pacific, Arctic, or Western Tropical Atlantic regions, or initiate regional activities.

(iv) Widely circulate information about the Call using the communications assets that can be found on this link that will be regularly updated: https://trello.com/b/H8dfJc3c/call-for-decade-actions-announcement.1

Further information on the Call for Decade Actions can be obtained by contacting the IOC Secretariat (j.barbiere@unesco.org or a.clausen@unesco.org).