AMEA President/Secretary

AMEA President- Tsuyoshi Sasaki

(Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)

Dr. Tsuyoshi Sasaki is a Professor in the Department of Marine Policy and Culture, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMST). He engaged in education and research on science teacher training, fisheries teacher training, and Aquatic Marine Environmental Education. His research and educational activities focus on how teachers and university students can better support learners' inquiry-based learning, and on practical educational activities. As an application of our educational research, we are proposing the OCEAN-TOWN Community School, in which local people support marine exploration activities in schools.

Dr. Sasaki was awarded the NMEA President Award in 2013 to encourage his contribution to the resilience of the ocean community after the tsunami crisis in Japan. Dr. Sasaki met the other three Asia Marine Educators at the Rhode Island NMEA conference in 2015 and decided to establish the Asia Marine Educators Association (AMEA). He was elected as the President of AMEA in 2015 and led Asia marine education cooperation.

AMEA secretary and initial board member: Associate Professor Graduate Institute of Education/Teacher Eduction Center, National Taiwan Ocean University

Dr. Yen has his doctoral degree of Human Resource Management in National Central University and master degree of Tourism Management in Chinese Culture University. Currently working as an assistant professor at the Institute of Education/Teacher Education Center of National Taiwan Ocean University. He is currently the convener of the Talent Development Committee of the Taiwan International Cruise Association, the secretary-general of the Asian Marine Educators Association (AMEA), and the board member of the Taiwan Sustainable Development Exchange Association. He used to be a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, and a postdoctoral researcher and the session leader of the policy development department of the Taiwan Marie Education Center(TMEC) who is responsible for the cultivation of marine professionals, including the development of the cruise industry talent cultivation policy. He mainly teaches marine education, human resource management, marine tourism education, marine professional talent cultivation and learning organization.