Lodging and transportation

Travel information 

1.    Airport  

The closer airport is Qingdao Liuting International Airport (IATA: TAO). It is about 40 minutes drive from the conference venue. For further information please check https://www.qingdao-airport.com/. The conference is during the Qingdao Beer Festival. Please reserve your flight earlier to get the best price.  

2.    Accommodation 

The accommodations and the conference are all at Holiday Inn Qingdao Expo. The accommodations from August 20-23 (3 nights) will be arranged by the host team included in the registration fee. If you need to arrive earlier or stay longer, you can reserve a room at the website http://holidayqingdaoexpo.com/ or email jxdd@ouc.edu.cn for the further assistance. 

3.    Transportation

The conference transportation will be arranged by the host for August 20 to 23. You can send an email to confirm your pick up time or take a taxi to the Holiday Inn Qingdao Expo. The taxi will cost about $10 USD depending on the traffic.

4.    Tourism spot

(1)  The 29th Qingdao International Beer Festival takes place in July and August, 2019. 2018 website https://www.qdgjbeer.com/index.html    

(2) Qingdao has a beautiful ocean, mountains, and diversity cultures. Qingdao will impress both your mind and vision. The official tourism website (in Chinese) http://qdta.qingdao.gov.cn

(3)  Travel around 

Flying from Qingdao to Beijing or Shanghai takes about 90 minutes and costs $130 USD. Traveling by high speed rail takes about 5 hours and cost $70 USD. Confucius Cultural Park is only 3 hours away http://www.uqufu.com