2021 New Year Greeting

Over the past year, Covid-19 has disrupted exchanges and has been hit hard. It was a year when I realized that I needed a relatedness. Relatedness is as irreplaceable to us as our lives. If we lose our relatedness, we will not be able to understand the importance of life. We humans need to understand each other that each and every one of us values ​​relatedness. It's not just humans. The same is true of the relationship between humans and nature. Since ancient times, Asian people have lived cherishing the relationship between nature and humans. The concept is that humans are part of nature. People living in areas where there are many tsunami earthquakes continue to live with the joy of living with nature even in the face of repeated disasters. This also applies to the relationship between the ocean and humans. UNESCO Ocean Decade will start next year. However, no concrete approach has been proposed yet.

It is necessary to propose concrete efforts of Ocean Literacy Education on the interaction between the sea and humans. Details haven't been announced yet, but let's check out this site to showcase our efforts.


Wishing you all a good holiday and New Year.

Chair of AMEA Tsuyoshi Sasaki 2020.12.31