The fifth IMEL meeting

Secretary office 2020.10.27

The international Marine Education Leadership Meeting

AMEA board Mohammad Muslem Uddin Munna (Bangladesh) and Secretary Ray Yen (Taiwan) join the IMEL meeting. The network initiated from NMEA international committee Susan Haynes and Géraldine Fauville to share the information of the global marine education network. The network including NMEA, EMSEA, IPMEN, CaNOE, Latin America Marine Education Association, and al. Today's host is Kiley Best from CaNOE.

AMEA shared some information as below

1. The AMEA conference in Korea will postpone to 2022, welcome to join the meeting.

2. AMEA research committee did a great job that published the bimonthly journal of marine education. however, mostly in Chinese because of lack to English articles submissiion. If you would like to share anyinformation of marine education or ocean literacy. Welcome to submit the the jornal. call for paper

3. Korea national ocean science museum opened this June. The museum design depend on the OL 7 priniciples. 2022 AMEA conference will be there.

4. AMEA and Nationla Museum of Marine Science and Technology Musesum in Taiwan cohost the International Marine Littter Forum of Adolescents (IMLFA) on Nov 12-13.

5. The more information please refer to the website