2023 Global Ocean Science Education Workshop

2023 Global Ocean Science Education Workshop

The 2023 GOSE Workshop focuses on the science of underwater sound, including how animals and people use it and how governments regulate it.

The 2023 Global Ocean Science Education Workshop will focus on sound in the ocean, including the science of underwater sound, animal sound production and reception, and people's use of sound underwater. International regulations related to underwater sound and the technologies that use sound will also be discussed. Participants will share ideas about what people want to know and should know about these topics and related educational strategies and resources that meet the needs for a variety of audiences, including students, the public, policymakers, and the workforce.

For information about the workshop agenda, or to see the results from previous workshops, visit:


The workshop registration fee includes lunch for each day of the workshop

Travel Support

There is very limited travel support. Priority for travel support will be given to graduate students, community college students, and faculty from minority serving institutions. Only airfare and hotel costs will be covered. The workshop registration fee, ground transportation, breakfast and dinner costs, and all other expenses will not be covered. If you would like to inquire about travel support, please complete the online travel support application form at: