Asia Marine Educators Association(AMEA)

In Memory of AMEA advisory board member, Dr. Doug Levin  

At the 2016 NMEA conference, Doug introduced the Educational Passages project involving a mini boat. His enthusiasm for marine education left a deep impression many of us.

In 2017, at the AMEA conference in the Philippines, Dr. Doug brought the boat there, making several stops to introduce it. After the conference, the boat was shipped back to Taiwan and ended up at the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology (NMMST) and then at XinDian High School, becoming Taiwan No.1. The story of Taiwan No.1 continues, and it gave rise to the second boat, Mahimahi, at An-le High School.

Dr. Douglas's passion touched many Asian educators and students. That's why he became an important advisory board member and partner for AMEA since 2017. Being with Doug, everyone could feel his passion for education, and his spirit deeply influenced everyone he interacted with.

Doug is our mentor and partner. A person's life comprises many stories, and Dr. Doug's life was exceptionally remarkable, influencing many. Despite the sadness, we offer my heartfelt gratitude for Dr. Doug's lifelong dedication.

 RIP my Dear Doug.